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July 5, 2023

The Penalties of Driving Without Car Insurance

Most states, by law, require drivers to carry minimum amounts of car insurance. They do so because of the high amount of security that car insurance provides every driver, even those who think they are safe behind the wheel. After all, no one is immune to car accidents, and car insurance might be the only way that you can afford the multiple ramifications that might pop up. 

Because of laws requiring car insurance, it is imperative that you always have at least the minimum amount of coverage your state mandates. If you do not, then you could suffer significant losses in accidents that will not have the benefit of insurance protection. However, you could also face other penalties, since your failure to carry coverage violates the law. Let’s take a closer look at these. silver car driving

Loss of Driving Privileges 
If you get caught driving with auto insurance, then you will likely receive a traffic citation. This could lead to fines, vehicle impoundment or even the suspension of your license.  The reason insurers require car insurance is because they want to make sure you can pay for accidents. By failing to carry the requisite coverage, you cannot meet this obligation, and therefore you cannot be trusted behind the wheel. 

Higher Auto Insurance Rates 
By driving uninsured, you become a high-risk driver. After all, you do not have the protection necessary to keep yourself safe behind the wheel. 

Therefore, when you go to get auto insurance later, you will likely present higher risks to the insurer. As a result, they will likely no longer be able to offer you as low a premium as they might have otherwise. To insurers, the fact that you have driven without insurance once indicates that you are a risky customer who might commit this offense in the future. Your prices are likely to rise as a result. 

Coverage Denials 
An infraction of driving without insurance will likely go onto your driving record. So, when you go to apply for car insurance later, your prospective insurer will see this infraction. Because of this substantial increase in your risk rating, some insurers will simply not be able to make the investment in you. Therefore, they might have to turn down your application. The mistake of driving uninsured is a serious one, and it can make it harder to even get a policy later. 

These are just a few reasons why you should always have active car insurance. If you have coverage from the moment you become a driver, then you will establish a strong insurance history for yourself. Not only will you have ample protection when driving, but you will also find it easier to maintain your coverage over many years. 

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