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Home » Will Renters Insurance Cover Damage to Patio Belongings?
February 24, 2022

Will Renters Insurance Cover Damage to Patio Belongings?

Renters insurance is a valuable investment you can make. As you move into your new location and get settled in, you may wonder what value renters insurance can offer. Then, something happens and you are faced with a significant loss. Why did it occur? What can you do about it? Depending on the type of policy you have and the amount of your coverage, you may have significant protection for your valuables, even those outside your door. 
renters insurance policy paperwork
Renters insurance protects your assets and belongings within your space. It covers your risks. For example, it covers the contents of your home, the items that you own in that space. This may include everything from the pictures hanging on the walls to your clothing. It also provides a layer of liability protection in case you are found to be responsible for someone else’s loss. However, when it comes to protecting the structure of the property, such as the walls, that’s not covered. The building structure is the responsibility of your landlord. 

A key part of your coverage is that it covers your belongings stored outside of your home but still on the property. This may include your patio furniture or your grill. It may include other items you have outdoors as well. Renters insurance generally protects against any type of loss that is not the result of your negligence. For example, if you left your phone on the patio and it rained, it will not cover that cost. However, if a hailstorm occurs and shatters your patio table, your coverage will likely come in handy. 

Keep in mind that renters insurance is specifically limited to items you own and up to a certain value, based on the policy details. If you have a large amount of high-value items, it makes sense for you to add additional coverage to the plan to increase your protection. Renters insurance can be comprehensive enough to protect you from many of the risks you experience living in your home. Check out your policy to find out how it can help you. 

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